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More Postcards

Yup, Even More Second Season Campaign Postcards For Your Mailing Pleasure...


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Since our country is currently in the grip of this anthrax scare, and most networks are not opening paper mail (1013 Productions has officially stated that they will not be opening any paper mail from 'unknown sources'), a few fellow Gunfen suggested that we send postcards instead of enveloped letters. In the interest of helpin' everyone out, I thought I'd toss a few new postcards up here:) The first few are pretty standard, the next ones are to encourage FOX to give us some official LGM merchandise (i want a t-shirt, dammit!!), and finally, a Union Jack design, per the request of UK Gunfen. Any problems or questions with these graphics, just drop me a line. And if you get a great idea for a postcard that I can help you create, *please* just let me know! Thanks!!

mel, i need help with these postcards!!

dont ask

pc postcard


surfin lgm


fox money

union jack

To save these files to your hard drive: right mouse-click over the card you want to send, and then choose "Save Picture As". Then you can find the pic, and print it out, or you can attach it to an email message and email it.