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Last Updated: December 28th, 2001

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This site is dedicated to bringing back "The Lone Gunmen" for a second season. I hope that if you enjoyed the show as much as I did that you'll help by writing or calling the Fox network. Tell 'em that you NEED another season! You can check out my "Mail Ambush" page for a more complete listing of people you should contact.


"I loved those guys..."
-Jimmy Bond

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Fan mail for LGM cast;

Mail for LGM writers, staff, & crew (and for 1013 Productions);

And if ya wanna send paper mail (i.e. a postcard or something of that nature...), here's the latest snailmail address;
(name of the person you're writing)
1122 South Robertson Blvd.
Suite 15
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Thanx to TV Tome& The Warehouse for the updated info!

**New Tactical Approach**
(i.e. the magic of postcards)

Since many networks are not opening letters received from unfamilar sources (1013 Productions has officially stated that they are *not* opening any fan mail, etc.), I've posted some new postcards on the site, the theory being that no one has to "open" a postcard. I don't know whether this new approach will actually work, since mailrooms across the country are more than a little wary at this point, but at least this allows us to continue the campaign without being the proverbial "thorn in the side" of any of these networks... You got a better idea? Please email me and let me know!

Vote for your favorite Gunman (or woman...)!



Thanx to Hiding in the Light's X-Files Madness and XF RoadRunners for providing such an excellent selection of screen shots from the ep's! Click on the links below to visit their sites-

Hiding In the Light's X-Files Madness

XF RoadRunners

Hey!! Check Out The New Postcards!

***National Lone Gunmen Day!***

Yep, you heard right- we're proposing a "National Lone Gunmen Day" to celebrate the one year anniversary of the show's premiere (in March, of course). I'll keep you posted as details come together for this little project. Ideas and suggestions are appreciated, so lemme know if ya think of somethin' fun for our celebration! And thanks to the always awesome amyj, who came up with the idea for our newest "holiday":)

**The Magnet Campaign**
Hey, we're mailing out magnets as part of our "Save 'The Lone Gunmen' Campaign." You wanna help us out? You want your own magnet? Just check out the "News" page for more details!

**Project LGM/GUSTO**
Those lovely folks over at the TV Tome LGM site have spearheaded yet another great project- the GUSTO fan club, a larger-scale effort to get fandom involved in the resurrection of "The Lone Gunmen". You can read some info about it at the link below, and email Pyrts at TV Tome if you want to help.

So you want to be part of the Second Season Campaign?? Then let Fox know that you NEED the Gunmen back next season! You can contact 'em at the following addresses and phone numbers:

Fox Broadcasting Company
PO Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213
10201 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Fox's Viewer Comment Hotline: 1-800-369-6848

You can also also leave voicemail for Fox's programming directors, Gail Berman and Sandy Grushaw, by dialing their extensions:
Gail Berman 237626
Sandy Grushaw 47874269

To write to a particular cast member:
(cast member's name)
c/oThe Lone Gunmen
Ten Thirteen Productions
3/210-555 Brooksbank Avenue
North Vancouver, BC V7J 3S5

Flood these people with mail and phone calls-- we gotta get the Gunmen back for next season!

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