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"We may look to the world like the National Enquirer, but we're going to operate like the New York Times or else I don't want to be here. " -Byers


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The "Save 'The Lone Gunmen'" Magnet Campaign

Magnet Campaign!

Lone Gunmen Magnets For The Mail Ambush

**ok, this message is long, but we need your help!**
well, magnets are in and we're sending them out. both amy and i have gotten some stamped envelopes from a few other gunfen-- many BIG thanks to you guys!! i'm really hoping tho, that some more people will send us some envelopes. it's not just for help with the postage at this point, tho. i don't want fox execs, magazines, etc., to think that two wacky gunfen are sending them 500 magnets-- i want 'em to think "hey, look, all these different people are sending us these magnets as part of a coordinated effort- i guess a bunch of people (not just two or three) want the show back on the air!" so at this point, i'm really hoping people on here will send us some more stuff!! even if you can't send stamped envelopes (i know stamps are expensive, and i know everybody's already spent a gazillion dollars on mailing stuff) just address some envelopes and send 'em my way (MAKE SURE THEY HAVE YOUR RETURN ADDRESS ON THEM!!). even if you don't wanna do that, heck, just send me some of your return address labels so i can put some of those on the envelopes. these magnets are goin' out regardless of how much postage we get donated to us, so i figure if i have to foot the bill for that, that's ok, i'll do it for our boys(however, any help is appreciated)! a couple of points:

1)the people who have sent us envelopes have addressed all of them to the execs at fox or to just the fox network- which is great, as those are the main ppl we want to hit; however we also wanna get some of these out to trade and entertainment magazines, advertisers, other networks, etc. so here's what i'd suggest:
if you wanna hit fox, do one for each fox exec, and then one or two for fox networks and fx. the rest could be made out to any number of different people that might be of assistance to us (the fox execs might just be trashing all of our letters, but other people/other networks might not be so inclined to discard viewer opinion!). visit the mail ambush section of my site- i've got a pretty big list of addresses, etc., that you can address these to (if you know more, please let me know!!).
2)again, please PLEASE be sure to put your return address on your envelopes so that the ppl we send these to know that YOU support the gunmen!
3) if you want, put a letter, a picture, collage, a petition, etc. in your envelope. let them know why you support the gunmen! (i think it'd be cool to maybe put a list of all the gunmen websites in with them so that maybe they'll check out the sites & see how many ppl want the show back on! (i've also got a big list of gunmen links on my site of you want to do this!). the magnets are light enough that we can put a page or two of paper in with them and still have 'em fly on one stamp. it'd also be cool if you'd sign your letter, collage, etc., so they know it's not just one person pretending to be many ppl (even tho i do sort of feel like i'm more than one person on some days, but that's just if i forget my medicine <twitch, twitch>...)
4)email me and let me know if you want to help- we're trying to get these out as quickly as possible, but i'll hold mine if i know more of you want to help send these.
i also want to try and coordinate how many are sent to amy and how many are sent to me-- amy sent me about half the batch (250), so it's not gonna do us much good if one of us gets all the postage and the other gets none!that way, when you email me and let me know what you're sending, i can tell you where to send it, to me or to amy.

5)if it looks like you are gonna just send unstamped envelopes, please let me know, cuz amy's spent a lot more $$ on this project than i have at this point, and she probably needs the help with postage more than i do, so i'll be having most of the postage-paid ones sent to her. like i said, i'm sending these out regardless of whether i get more stamps or not!
again, i'm sorry this is so long-- i'm just trying to bring a little method into our collective madness.if anyone's got questions, etc., please let me know. i'm not trying to bug you guys about this, i just want it to WORK!! and if it's gonna work, i think we need to make it look like a concerted group effort.

your webmistress,

The addresses for Fox, some other networks, some of the advertisers, various entertainment and trade magazines, and some other related companies are listed on my "Mail Ambush" page. In addition, there's a wonderful article on writing campaign letters for TV shows- if you feel like you need a little guidance in your efforts, check out the link below.


The News

December 2001

"First Person Shooter"
Friday, 12/28/01 at 5pm -FX

"Via Negativa"
Sunday, 12/30/01 9pm -FOX

December 28th, 2001
Wow, another year comes to an end- where has the time gone?? Oh well... here's a few LGM tidbits to tide you over until 2002:).

The Sev Files is having a cartoon caption contest featuring LGM- the 'toon is from XF season 8, when the Gunmen bring gifts for Scully's baby, and you get to add your own caption. Thanks to J. M. Krucek, who posted this info on the Topica list. The link to the site is below:

zap2it's tv girl has posted her fave quotes from this year's tv shows, and among the offerings there is a quote from the XF season 9 premiere from our boys. Check it out below:

I also wanted to say thanks to the Lone GunGirls for giving my site their "stamp of approval"- I got my stamp this morning and proudly posted it on the home page with a link back to their site (which is currently being re-vamped).

Finally, I just wanted to wish all you Gunfen out there a very happy (and safe) New Year's Eve celebration, and a wonderful New Year. I hope 2002 brings us all peace, prosperity and joy. ***Blessed Be***


Upcoming X-Files Ep's That Feature the Gunmen


"Dreamland II"
Thursday, 12/27/01 at 5pm -FX
Friday, 12/28/01 at 1am -FX

"First Person Shooter"
Friday, 12/28/01 at 5pm -FX

"Via Negativa"
Sunday, 12/30/01 9pm -FOX

expose yourself!!

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!

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